Russian is a country of deep wisdom, beauty, and history. Some of our articles below highlight these cool areas.

Russian Government Presents Library of Congress with Ten Restored American Silent Movies

From the Russia Times: The Russian government has presented the Library of Congress with digital copies of ten American silent films that had been thought to be lost forever, but were found in Gosfilmofond, the Russian state film archive. The copies of the films, carefully restored by Russian masters, were . . . 
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Russian President Does Yoga to Reduce Stress

From the New York Times: MOSCOW — Russia’s first president organized a tennis revolution, and the second encouraged his people to practice martial arts. If this trend continues, the country will soon be standing on its head. President-elect Dmitri Medvedev has joined the thousands of Russians eager to learn the . . . 
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A Birthday Twitter Greeting from the President of Russia

From Editor: More great reasons to Learn Russain. You might get a Tweet from the President of Russia! Russia’s Twitter-loving President Dmitry Medvedev sent a Moscow State University (MGU) journalism student a birthday message on the micro-blogging site on Friday. Yulia Oleynik, 17, posted a message to the president . . . 
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